Using Technology

To Catalyse the Product, Process Transparency and Aim to secure the Future!

Oneness provides a designed structured tool to manage the Organisation, Projects, Employee Skill set, Work management and Clear communication between the teams. 


What is the problem we tried to solve?

An organisation’s owner is concern with the overall view of his work in the organisation. While he is available or not at workplace, he needs the complete scenario about projects, more resources available to engage elsewhere or any essential information to him. Oneness helps to provide it all at one place, for the higher authority.
Profits of organisations completely based on quality of work delivered by employees. Good employee deliver quality of work. An organisation does not face crisis when it is financially weak, but when it starts to degrade its quality by loosing its valuable employees. Oneness helps to hold your employees by providing overall practical stats for them rather than personal feedback.
Managing the overall Project end to end & assigning relevant resources for it, is another challenge for the project manager in any organisation be it small or big. Oneness makes it easier for the project manager to decide how the resources should get allocated, based on matching skill set to project requirements. It also helps to achieve transparency at work.

our Services

Employee Management

Aim of Employee Management is to keep track of your skilled employees and never lose them. Track employee efficiency, performance and their Work function.

Project Management

Aim of Project Management is to track Organisation’s Projects in One touch. It is responsible to get all the details related to the Project about its start date, end date, progress and team working!


TEAM connectivity

Aim of Team Connectivity is to make the team across the globe connected and share using chat integrated into the tool. So, you need not to switch every time, to a third party tool to connect!

About services

Employee Management

Employee management offers keeping track of the employees. It maintains a record of their skills, personal details, the project they are working on & their availability for the project. 
It also allows an employee to post anonymous feedback about their views for the organisation or employee or management or anything else which they like to share.
This service mainly focus on employee development by keeping track of the employee’s efficiency against their work or ability to complete the tasks.

Project Management

Project Management is A Service offered which provides Tracking And Working, Of Your Projects. It provides Services like Adding, Deleting and updating Your Projects, Stories, Tasks, And Bugs.
It helps in Analysing The Progress of The Project, the Actual Time of Completion and expected Time to Finish The Project.
It tracks The Change In Requirements For The Modules, Due To Which It Is Clear That How Much Change Is Delaying The Product Development. Project Management Also Keeps Record Of Overall Team Performance Working On The Project. 

Team Connectivity

Team connectivity is the major part played by our services compared to others. It helps in keeping transparency among the team members.
It makes it clear that who is responsible for what task.
It connects team with emails and chat services like gmail and skype.


Add/Delete employee details

Search Employee By Skillset​

Track employee's work

Add/Delete projects

Create/Update/Deleting task/stories

easy bug tracker
create/update/delete bug

Chat communication between team members
no need to migrate to third party App

How we are Different (Our premium Features)

Transparency at work
(using clear stats)

Next Generation UI

hot projects - One Place Projects Tracking

Keep track of employee performance

Get Teams, working on a project

Search for available resources

Get top performers of the organisation

Advance filter options on the dashboard

Project & employee efficiency meter

Anonymous feedback

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