The Ekatma Dham project has reached an exciting stage in its construction, with the preparation of the foundation pit and the establishment of a construction yard on site. This represents a significant milestone in the project's development, as it lays the groundwork for the construction of the statue and the pedestal.

The foundation pit has been carefully prepared to ensure that it is stable and secure. This involved the excavation of a large area of soil and the installation of support structures to prevent any collapse or shifting of the pit during construction. The setting up of a construction yard on site provides a central location for the storage of construction materials and equipment, making it easier for workers to access what they need to complete their tasks.

Once the foundation pit and construction yard were established, the next step was the casting of the foundation and pedestal for the statue. This is a complex process that requires precise engineering and expert craftsmanship. The casting of the foundation involved pouring a large amount of concrete into the pit, which then sets and hardens to create a strong and stable base for the statue.