Standing tall at 108 feet, the Statue of Oneness in Omkareshwar is a towering monument of spiritual enlightenment. Crafted from multiple metals, this awe-inspiring statue pays tribute to the timeless wisdom of Adi Shankaracharya and his Advaita Vedanta philosophy. It rests atop a 54-ft pedestal, supported by a 27-ft lotus petal base, creating an impressive sight to behold. The then Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, unveiled the conceptual sketch of this magnificent statue, painted by the renowned Indian artist, Shri Vasudeo Kamath.

The Statue of Oneness, however, represents much more than just one man's legacy. It serves as a symbol of unity, brought to life through the collective efforts of the people. An Ekatma Yatra was conducted to gather metal from the public for the statue's construction. The Chief Minister himself declared that the statue has evolved through public participation. The Statue of Oneness proudly takes its place among India's most distinguished statues, including the Statue of Unity in Gujarat, the Thiruvalluvar Statue in Tamil Nadu, the Gommateshwara Statue in Karnataka, the Hanuman Murti in New Delhi, the Lord Murugan Statue in Tamil Nadu, the Shiva of Murudeshwara in Karnataka, and the Swaminarayan Akshardham in New Delhi. With its sheer size and spiritual significance, the Statue of Oneness is a must-see attraction for visitors to Omkareshwar and beyond.